Stoltz Bluff

Magical Views

Stoltz Bluff runs along the Cowichan River and is the highest point in the Cowichan Valley, offering truly unique and spectacular views.  Hiking along the bluff provides a 360 degree perspective of the entire valley, from Salt Spring Island and the Pacific Ocean in the east, to Bald Mountain at the center of Lake Cowichan in the west.  You will notice the lush valley walls surrounding you in a way which just isn’t possible from any other vantage point.  Stoltz Bluff affords magical views throughout the day and the seasons.  You can relax and enjoy both sunrises and sunsets, as well as brilliant fall colours, snowy mountain tops in white winter wonderlands, lush carpets of spring wildflowers, and of course warm, dry summers with endless blue skies.  Even a cloudy day at Stoltz Bluff is a special experience, as you look down on the cloud-covered valley and feel as though you’re floating on your own private island.

The Beauty of Nature

There is much to discover when exploring the Stoltz Bluff area.  It is home to captivating wildlife and beautiful trees, plants, and flowers.  You will find something blooming almost year round, including wild lilies and orchids in the spring, and extensive carpets of wildflowers along with wild raspberries and blackberries in the summer.  Some of the local mammals you may see include deer, elk, martens, and even cougars and bears.  Stoltz Bluff also provides one of the best bird watching locations in valley due to its high elevation and proximity to the thermal winds which birds of prey love to glide on.  With such a panoramic view, observing eagles, hawks, and vultures in the sky is common place, along with a large variety of birdsong in the Douglas Fir and Arbutus forest.  If you are interested in viewing some aquatic life, take a short trip to the Cowichan River to see the salmon run, or a quick drive to the ocean to look for sea lions, seals, whales, and much more.  Check out our Experience The Cowichan Valley and Local Events pages to learn more about interesting activities and events for the nature enthusiast.