This private and eco-friendly home is well-equipped for a comfortable and relaxing stay.  It sits alone on 40 acres of picturesque land, so the only sounds you will hear during your stay are those of nature.

Accommodations & Amenities

The house is one level with 1,000 sq ft of interior space, 13 ft vaulted ceilings, and salvaged old growth posts and beams in every room.  It was designed and finished in a contemporary west coast style and features:

  • Two bedrooms with queen size beds, eco-foam mattresses, down duvets, and bamboo and organic cotton sheets.
  • Bathroom with low-flow dual flush toilet, large vanity, and shower (no tub) with built in bench finished with natural lime plaster.
  • Well-equipped contemporary kitchen with super energy efficient large fridge, full size gas stove, huge cast iron sink, and plenty of storage and counter space.  A full selection of dishes, mugs, glasses/wine glasses, utensils, pots and pans, spice rack, french press coffeemaker, and stovetop kettle and toaster.
  • Living area with a queen size pull-out sofa bed, large built in cob bench, and Rumford wood-burning fireplace faced with a natural rammed earth design.
  • South-facing patio with table, chairs, barbeque, and a fire pit with wood supplied.
  • Energy efficient, water saving washing machine.
  • Super low energy chest freezer.
  • Dining area with large six person table and 10 foot window wall, including double doors which open onto the patio for indoor-outdoor dinner parties.
  • Portable radio/CD player with iPod/mp3 hook up, books, games, cards, puzzles, and plenty of tealight candles and incense.
  • Please note that due to the off-grid location we cannot provide a land line or internet cable; however, there is excellent cell reception and you can use your cell phone to set up a wireless hotspot, or bring a 3G stick to access the cellular network.  We also do not provide high energy use appliances such as a TV, clothes dryer, or electric kitchen appliances.  You may bring own appliances, but be aware that if solar power is low, you might need to run the generator for additional energy.
Stoltz House design plan3

Floor Plan


Stoltz Bluff Eco-Retreat is a truly unique place to stay!  It is one of only a few code-approved structural cob houses in the country.  Cob is a traditional building method used for thousands of years around the world, and is made of clay, sand, and straw.  Cob buildings are very comfortable due to their temperature and moisture regulating properties, and extremely quiet and solid feeling due to their thick walls.  See the Eco-Friendly and Our Project pages to learn more about cob, its environmental benefits, and why we chose to build with it.

It’s not only the exterior walls which make this house one of the most eco-friendly you’ll find; the interior and exterior materials were also chosen to create a place which supports both environmental and human health.  Almost all the wood used inside and out was either salvaged, or new and formaldehyde-free.  The entire floor is earthen (don’t worry, it’s not a “dirt” floor!), made with a clay mixture and finished with natural oils, waxes, and resin.  It creates a beautiful surface with a feel similar to cork flooring and better for your knees and back than a concrete or hardwood floor.  The light fixtures utilize the latest LED bulbs to conserve the most energy possible, while still providing a comfortable lighting environment.  All the paints, plasters, and stains are non-toxic and natural for excellent indoor air quality.

Along with the many admirable “green” qualities of the house, the systems which run it were also designed with environmental sustainability in mind.  The house is 100% off-grid, which means that it is self-dependent for power, water, and waste treatment.  The power is supplied by solar panels, the water from an on-site well (the roof is set up for future rain water collection), and the waste water is not “waste” at all, but fed into a constructed wetland where plants purify it and then make the water available to the surrounding plants and trees.

With a combination of modern technology, traditional methods, thoughtful design, and responsible living, we offer true sustainability and comfort to our guests.