LSG8293One of the most “green” homes in the country, Stoltz Bluff Eco-Retreat provides a unique opportunity to stay in a cob structure.  Cob is a traditional building method using walls made of clay, sand, and straw.  This form of earthen architecture has exceptional environmental and health benefits.  By using local, natural materials which require minimal processing, it promotes environmental sustainability.  The home is also one of a very few code-approved cob buildings which is “load bearing”, meaning there is no post and beam structure to hold up the roof – it rests directly on “mud” walls!  The walls are non-toxic and breathable, which creates excellent air quality for healthy living.  As well as being built in an extremely eco-friendly style, the house is 100% off-grid.  It uses solar panels for power, has its own constructed wetland for waste-water treatment, and is set up for rainwater collection and solar hot water.  The appliances and lighting were chosen to be highly energy-efficient, so the power requirements are much, much lower than the average home.  All of this, plus a comfortable and contemporary style with modern conveniences, make for a vacation which you can really feel good about.