Stoltz Bluff Eco-Retreat

Visit the ultimate eco-friendly escape. Located in the middle of the beautiful Cowichan Valley, this unique off-grid getaway combines peace and comfort with true sustainability. Discover the natural tranquility of the west coast and experience the magic and seclusion of Stoltz Bluff.

Our Philosophy

We believe in offering accommodation which is not only comfortable, peaceful, scenic, and affordable, but which also supports environmental and human health. More than ever, people are demanding eco-friendly choices in all areas of their lives. Our mission is to provide a vacation spot which embraces sustainable architecture and systems to give guests an option they can truly feel good about. We hope to provide an experience which will open people’s minds to alternative ideas and interest them in applying some aspect to their own homes and lifestyles.

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What People Are Saying

"Stoltz Bluff Ecoretreat was the perfect Christmas get-away. Situated up the side of a mountain without a soul around to obscure the experience, the views were breathtaking, the house was warm and cozy and inviting...We can't wait to go back again and will tell all of our friends about the magic of Stoltz Bluff."

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